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Win Big $50k Fifty Thousand Dollars!!!


Early Bird!! Win Catskills Vacation!! Buy 2 Tickets And Up!!

Early-Bird Bonus Raffle Win a Weekend Catskills Vacation! Every early-bird purchase of 2+ tickets will automatically be entered for this bonus raffle!

Plus get Double Chances!!

Both Early Bird Raffles are valid until Monday, June 12, 2023.


Raffle Deadline June 14, 2023

Would you go on a fantastic vacation? Renovate your home? Put away money for a nest egg – or a child’s wedding? There’s lots you can do with $50,000 – but there’s not a lot of time to win it!

Kimpatorin Aid $50,000 Cash Raffle is June 14, 2023 – so you need to enter now for a chance to win.

Your entry will grant you the chance to win big – and it will make you a partner in a beautiful cause: building future doros, by supporting struggling kimpatorins.

You see, having a baby is a great simcha – but sometimes new mothers are too overwhelmed to celebrate. They have to care for their families, clean their homes, and feed a demanding newborn nearly around the clock.
When there’s a special situation, like when a mother has twins, triplets, or quadruplets(!); or the baby is a preemie; or there’s a sick sibling or parent in the family, mothers need even more help.

Kimpatorin Aid provides meals, housekeeping and nursing help, respite stays, and more – but YOU provide the funds. We need your support.

We need you to enter the Kimpatorin Aid Cash Raffle.
Enter today.

You could have $50,000 cash – to spend any way you choose – very soon!




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