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Alei Siach Raffle 2 cents (Copy)

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Alei Siach was established in Israel over 30 years ago as a home for children and adults from frum homes with disabilities and special needs. The staff at Alei Siach is comprised of the most caring and compassionate people tending to the physical and emotional needs of the residents with love and compassion. Alei Siach has the full support and blessings of many Gedolim in Eretz Yisroel.

Alei Siach is currently running its annual raffle campaign of a DUPLEX APARTMENT in Teveria, right across Lake Kinneret, to assist in funding its activities.

Purchase NOW a raffle to support this wonderful organization,

and you just might become the owner of this MOST SCENIC DREAM APARTMENT opposite the Kinneret!

Stop dreaming and hurry! The deadline is on Tuesday, November 12!


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